Meet The Team:
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Who We Are


Founded in 2010 by Liraz Weiman, LW Events is a full-service event production company that delivers unmatched service with a distinctive quality and style that will deliver a luxury event experience, tailor-made to your specific needs. With years of experience in the field of event planning, Liraz Weiman runs a dedicated and professional team that includes Assistant Producers, a Technical Producer, an Event Designer and a Graphic Designer, all work in synergy with LW Events’ values.

How We Work


The first step on the road of planning your event is getting to know who you are. We then take into account the factors that influence the success of your event, such as the profile and needs of your guests, your personal preferences, the time of year and expected weather. We then guide you in choosing the best location. Next we formulate a vision that will be the guiding light throughout all aspects of your event.  Throughout the process we will insure the reliability of suppliers, and make sure you always get the best possible options.

By being responsible for all of your event’s production elements, from concept, design, logistics and negotiating with different suppliers, we both insure the seamless running of your event as well as maintaining a cohesive look that corresponds with the event’s vision.

What We Believe In


We are strong believers in keeping a personal approach and working together with our customers.  By cooperating and listening, as well as keeping our working process transparent, we are able to reach the vital trust that is key for the success of your event, and for assuring your satisfaction.


Our motto is “Dream big”. We like challenges and we truly believe that anything is possible. Our creative, uncompromising approach and attention to detail will turn your dreams into reality.

What We Do


LW Events specializes in custom corporate and private event production. We address every single aspect of the event’s production, from technical and logistic planning, design, all the way through to managing the event itself. We will be there, by your side, making sure you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

L  W Events

 5 Hartglas St. Tel Aviv

Tel: 03.7448288  Mob: 054.7754546  Fax: 073.7251794

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